Imaging Services Overview

We strive to continually upgrade our equipment and procedures so that we may offer you advanced and accurate diagnostic services.

High Field 1.0 Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – superior image quality combined with a completely open, stress-free experience.

Computerized Tomography (CT scan)
Computerized Tomography Angiograms (CTA)
Nuclear Medicine
Diagnostic Radiology (X-Ray)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
DEXA – Bone Density
Digital Mammography


Where do my results come from?
Once images are obtained, a board certified Radiologist will interpret the images. A formal report is then generated and automatically sent to your physician’s office. Copies of reports are also sent to any additional physicians involved in your care as requested by you or your doctor.

What if I have questions about my test results?
If you have questions about the interpretation of your images, please understand that our imag­ing staff are not permitted to, nor qualified to, interpret any imaging results. Therefore, it is best for you to contact your ordering provider for an explanation on how these results may be used to care for you.

How do I request a copy of my results?
We would be happy to provide you a copy of your images. Please call 620-441-5750 or come by and fill out a release of information for the images and we can provide them on a disc at your request. However, please provide 24 Hours Notice on ALL image requests. If you would like a copy of your report only, please call our Medical Records Dept. at 620-441-5995.