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The SCK Health's family birthing center understands that every delivery is unique. Our highly qualified staff are here to assist you with all stages of the birthing process. We provide pre-natal birthing classes, one-on-one nursing care for mother and baby during labor and delivery, postpartum education, and we will be there to answer any questions once you and your family are back at home. 


Before Delivery
Child Birth Classes

The birth of your baby is a moment that you will always remember. SCK Health is dedicated to helping you having the best experience possible. We provide prepared child birthing classes to help you understand the process of labor and delivery and will answer any questions about your pregnancy, birth, your new baby, breastfeeding and much more! In addition, all participants will receive pre-admission services and tours of the family birthing center.  
Prepared child birth classes are held at the SCK Health Medical Center offered several times though out the year. Each session will consist of four classes. You may register for classes individually or as a complete session. There is no charge for these classes.

During Your Stay
We pride ourselves on being a pioneer in the state of Kansas for providing the LDRP (birthing suites) approach to our patients. These special rooms allow family to remain in the same room throughout a normal delivery. All of the necessary items for delivery are brought to your room. Your spouse, significant other, or "coach" may remain with you throughout your experience, additional family members may relax in our private waiting area, exclusively for our OB families. 

Pain Management 
Epidural anesthesia is available for any obstetrical patient that requests it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other types of anesthesia are also available for those who are interested in other pain management options.


We offer many amenities for you and your family while you are here. If you have any questions please give us a call!
• 4 state of the art birthing suites – you will spend your whole time with us in the same luxurious room
• 2 of our suites boast a murphy bed for Dad/Coach and large soaker tub for laboring
• Special meal compliments of our dining staff
• Lactation consultant on site to help with latch, answer questions and troubleshoot
• Car seat technicians to ensure that your baby will be safe and secure when you leave
Class Sessions - We now offer all of the following sessions in one class for your convenience!

Final Stretch:
Staying healthy and pregnant for 40 weeks, warning signs, and how to prepare for birth. 

Pain Management Techniques: 
Medications, epidurals, and other non-medical techniques for managing labor.

Benefits of breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, step by step guidance, and tips for success.

Going Home:
Newborn care, safety, and taking care of yourself after delivery.

Complete all four classes and be entered in a drawing for a gift from SCK Health for your upcoming bundle of joy! 

How to register for classes:
Register by completing the form below, by calling SCK Health OB Department at (620)441-5940, or email dacih@sckrmc.org. 

For more information or questions please reach out to our OB Department at shayleej@sckrmc.org or call (620) 442-2500.


Following Delivery
After your baby arrives, you and your baby will remain in your birthing suite to recover. Everything you and your baby need will be made available to you! We want you to spend as much time with your newest addition as possible without worrying about a thing. Our birthing center team members will provide your child with their first hearing screening, answer questions, and help care for yourself and baby during your stay. We will also provide post-partum and newborn educational materials, including breastfeeding classes will be available to help you get started on your new journey as a parent!
To commemorate this special occasion, all of our birthing families receive a birth certificate, baby's first photo and web posting, hand crafted receiving blanket and a candle-lit dinner for the new parents. 

Special Concerns
The Safety of you and your baby is MOST important, a state of the art infant abduction security system is in place for your peace of mind. 
Recently, our facility has added a special care nursery that is staffed with professionals trained to care for moderate-to-high risk infants. 
Visitation Guidelines:
It is the policy of SCK Health to observe visitation which is in the best interest of the patient as follows:

• The attending physician may refuse to allow visitation if he/she desires.
• Visiting hours are restricted to 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
• Children under 12 years of age shall not be admitted as visitrs to the medical center except in the company of a responsible adult
• Children under 6 years of age shall only be admitted as visitors to the medical center under special circumstances (i.e. Birthing Center's sibling visitation) or when authorized by the attending physician, the chief executive officer or his designee, or the professional nurse responsible for the unity and/or the patient's care.
• No person, adult or child, with symptoms of an infection will be allowed to visit.
• Please respect our patient's privacy by always asking for permission before entering the room.
• The charge nurse has the right to refuse or withhold future visitation if she/he feels there is a risk for infection, or visitation has been abused. 
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