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Regular mammograms are an important tool in detecting breast cancer. In fact, evidence shows that finding breast cancer early reduces a woman’s risk of dying from the disease by 25-30 percent or more. Any patient who has ever had a mammogram knows that mammograms are often viewed as not being comfortable. And one in four women avoid getting mammograms because of the fear and anxiety from the potential result and exam discomfort. The choice can delay a breast cancer diagnosis and impact their long-term prognosis.
In January of 2021 SCK Health partnered with GE Healthcare to improve the quality and comfort available to the women of south central Kansas with the introduction of the Senographe Pristina, a brand new state of the art mammogram instrument. Senographe Pristina has the same high image quality and low dose (the lowest dose of all 3D FDA-approved systems vs FFDM) our customers and their patients have come to expect and new comfort features that help decrease pain and reduce anxiety associated with the exam.

Senographe Pristina offers the industry’s first wireless remote control that lets patients control their own breast compression during a mammogram, with technologist guidance.

A clinical validation conducted by Dr. Kathy Schilling, Medical Director of the Boca Raton Regional Hospital's Christine E. Lynn Women's Health & Wellness Institute in Boca Raton, FL, USA, demonstrated that compared to images where compression was applied solely by the technologist, patient-assisted compression produces images of similar quality. Dr. Schilling said that her hope is that “increasing comfort during the exam and giving patients the option of working with the technologist to set their own compression will increase compliance, enable early detection and improve outcomes.”In a patient satisfaction study conducted with 160 patients across two sites in Europe, when a patient experienced a Senographe Pristina exam coupled with Pristina Dueta, 79 percent of the patients who used the patient-assisted compression device found it improved the comfort of their exam, and 54 percent found it led to less anxiety.

Senographe Pristina also offers other comfort features including rounded corners instead of sharp edges that used to poke patients’ ribs, a thinner and warmer image detector that creates less hard, cold material touching the patient and comfortable armrests for women to lean on instead of conventional handgrips so women can relax their muscles during the exam which simplifies positioning, compression and image acquisition. The data backs this up. In a survey done with patients in Europe who were scanned on the Senographe Pristina, 83 percent of patients rated their experience as better with Senographe Pristina, 70 percent noted it was more comfortable and 66 percent perceived the exam was shorter. 

For these reasons, we believe Senographe Pristina will reshape the mammography experience and encourage women to be more compliant with screening guidelines so they don’t skip their mammograms. Mammograms are a critical part of maintaining a healthy life, and we want it to be a lesspainful experience for women around the world.We are all on this journey together to tackle breast cancer. We are in it for ourselves, our friends, our sisters, our moms, our children and our future.
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